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Welcome to the Florida Hmong Community, a nonprofit organization committed to building a strong and inclusive community. Our nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting our rich culture, language, and heritage. We aim to educate the younger generation about the Hmong traditions and values through various programs and activities. Join us as we foster a sense of identity and appreciation for our vibrant community in Florida.

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Our organization provides a wide range of activities and events that are open to anyone interested in participating. From cultural festivals and language classes to art exhibitions and traditional music performances, we strive to create opportunities for individuals to learn, celebrate, and engage with Hmong culture. To support our initiatives and enhance our community’s well-being, we graciously accept donations from those who share our vision. Your contributions go towards funding educational programs, community outreach efforts, and essential resources. Together, let’s empower and uplift the Florida Hmong Community for a brighter future.

We are thrilled to share that the Florida Hmong Community organization recently participated in the highly anticipated Tampa Asian Pacific Islander Culture Festival. It was a momentous occasion where we had the opportunity to showcase our rich Hmong heritage through captivating performances. With great pride, we presented our traditional customs, delved into our fascinating history, and mesmerized the audience with the enchanting sounds of our cultural instruments. We are grateful for the platform provided by the festival to share our traditions and foster cultural exchange. We look forward to continuing our efforts in preserving and promoting Hmong culture in the wider community.

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